To celebrate fifty years of Star Trek, I decided to sit down and watch the original, timeless 79-episode run again.   But instead of following my usual pattern of gravitating toward the dozen or so favorite episodes, I’ve decided to watch them all again.

The mission of this blog is to provide a place for me to reflect on those episodes and have some conversation with other fans.  I won’t necessarily examine every episode for the deeper morals and meanings in the episode (there are a lot of other sites and podcasts that do a great job of that).  Instead, this is a fan’s journey back through one of his favorite franchises and the thoughts that I have relating them.

For the purpose of these reviews, I will be watching Star Trek in the original production order (it’s the way I saw them for years in syndication before the SciFi Channel special editions) and with the original effects.

Join me as me boldly go back to the Final Frontier…